Why I post on Facebook

I am writing this in an attempt to explain why I post the things I post on Facebook although I know I shouldn’t have to explain my own Facebook page to anybody. Most of the people on my  sites will already know this information but this will come as a surprise to some.

On December 21st 2012 it was decreed that it would be the end of the world and we would all perish by a comet etc and it was all the Mayans fault. Actually what the Mayans prophesied was that the human race would begin a Golden Age where man would learn to love again and the earth would transform into a higher dimension where there were no wars and we would all live as one. They also predicted great floods and things coming from the skies. Yes we have seen the flooding across the world and it will get worse when the Ice caps melt and the incidences of comets, asteroids and UFO sightings has increased off the scale (see youtube) so well done to the Mayans. The Golden Age is a bit harder to do and to achieve it the consciousness of the planet needs to be raised from the material third dimension to the 5th dimension where the vibration is such that unconditional love will be the norm. Unconditional love simply means love without judgement.

The planet has already moved and the people are slowly starting to move with it whether you realise it or not. Unfortunately for those who want to cling onto the third dimensional values ie materialism, greed, power, corruption, then the third dimension will not be supported and these people will suffer as a result. You only have to look at the collapse of the world banking system and the refusal of the general public to back any more wars to realise this energy is changing. Also the number of demonstrations around the world against corruption, Brasil being the latest one, most of which do not make the mainstream media. But the energy change has to be gradual as it is the most significant change in the evolution of man the world has ever seen.

On December 21st 2012 the planets aligned in a formation known as the Finger of God and the Universe momentarily stopped and reset itself. The Mayans were brilliant astrologers and knew the planetary cycles and that is why they were so accurate at predicting these events. We laugh at the old tribes but the reality is they were in touch with the earth, Universe and spiritual side to a degree we can only dream of. The last four times this event has happened the human race has been wiped out so the end of the world theories were not far from the truth but this time man has been spared that and allowed to be present for the energy change for the first time ever. It doesn’t happen over night but the pace of this change started as a ripple a few years ago and is gathering such momentum that major changes are on the way sooner rather than later.

When you look back over the last few years you will see changes in your personal lives which have been dramatic for good and bad reasons. Some of you will have had relationship breakups or lost your jobs suddenly or there have been sudden bereavements. Others will have had moments of inspiration which has led you to change career or move countries or just demand a more relaxed way of living away from the stupidity that is the rat race. New businesses have started all over the world, people have suddenly become more creative and started painting or learning a musical instrument after years of regret. The energy has changed everything and the outlook is bright for those who want to let go and flow with the energy rather than try to hang on to old fashioned routines and systems which no longer benefit and are, in fact, harmful to them.

We are being asked to use our intuition when we need answers to questions and big decisions. Intuition is in us all and it is the inner knowing without knowing how we know. Too long we have mistrusted this gut feeling and gone against it in favour of keeping quiet and worrying what others would think of us. Intuition is the way forward as we feel our way to a new loving and caring society, don’t question it. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. If it feels right, then why wouldn’t it be.

Now here is the scary bit for some of you. There are lots of people in the world who say spiritual things that sound good and it gives them a warm feeling when they say it. But when pushed to use their spirituality do not use it for the higher good and judge others for what they do. That is not the spiritual way. In other words they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.


I use my intuition to guide me through life’s problems because I know it is my connection back to source and where the truth is. If I put something on Facebook it is because it is how I live it, not just because it sounds good. If I put something on Facebook that is asking a controversial question it is because my intuition is buzzing away that something is wrong and questions need to be asked, I am not a Conspiracy theorist or an activist but I want the truth to come out and if it makes people aware then we stand a chance of raising consciousness to a level where the masses will demand the right people to ask the right questions. I don’t demand anything from the reader but if it raises awareness and gives others the same gut feeling then a ripple can begin. It is as simple as that. If you choose to ignore it that is fine, you all have freewill. I see things on Facebook where it looks scandalous but it doesn’t alarm me in the same way so I don’t post it, that is my choice.

We are in a time where the spiritual veil is lifting and we are being encouraged to question our lives on earth and how we should live by our own truths ie our own intuitive feelings. The energy of the future is one of feeling rather than seeing. Eyes can be deceived but feelings cannot. You know in your own hearts when it feels good and when it doesn’t. This should be your guide and not what you think you should believe because you are told to. Whenever you are told something,and this includes the things I say, look into your heart and trust your own truth, not somebody elses. How do you think the world has ended up in the mess it is in? We have believed those in power whether through Governments, Religions, Media, instead of trusting our own truths. When you do you will realise the terrible things you have believed to be true when, in fact, they were just a way of retaining power.

It is written in the Bible that this period in our existence will be when Christ returns and judges man for his time on earth. The judgement we are seeing is in the way the truth has been uncovered over the last few years and continues to be uncovered. The return of Christ is in every living being and has been re-energised for you all to access and hopefully you will realise you have the power to change your lives and live the life you came here to live, not the one you allow yourselves to live. There are no limits to your potential, only those you place on yourselves, stop looking for a man in a kaftan and sandals.

I see the bigger picture and what I see is a world where religions state a set of rules that exclude people from their faith, religious leaders who claim other religions are not as compassionate as theirs but their teachings are far from the spiritual messages given by their idols but use their writings as a way of control, Governments leaders who talk about freedom and democracy but use war as a weapon of peace, People raping the earth of it’s natural resources when energy is freely available all around, A chemical industry that pumps chemicals into our foods which we eat and make us sick, then chemical companies who give us chemicals to cure them with massive side effects and eventual reliance on them and we wonder why illnesses are on the up and not being cured. I see poisons being put into water, foods (monsanto), air poisoning. Animals being treated badly and killed to supply a marketing managers idea of what we want to eat and most of the food being thrown away while people starve in other countries across the world. I see a world where fear leads to racism, homophobia, stigma, when every person in this world has just as much right to be here as anybody else.

This will change because as the energy changes so will your consciousness to a level only imaginable before. Do not look for leaders in this new world, look to yourselves and be the change you want to see.

So what about me?

I love everybody unconditionally

I love ALL my family and friends and love their company

I have a wicked sense of humour

I still play football (try)

I am in a rock band and love all music especially heavy rock

I love latin and ballroom dancing

I love beer

I will not compromise my truth for anybody and neither should you.

Where do I get my spiritual energy from? I work with the energy of Archangel Michael, known as he who is like God. I am no more special than anybody else but most of what you have read above is from Michael, I have just typed the words. Some of you already know this and have seen the great power that this Archangel possesses to spread the light and overcome the dark. As a person I am the most relaxed friendliest person you could meet but when a challenge is made my spiritual power is limitless and Michael is always fierce in defending the truth as some people have unfortunately found out. This does not mean I do not love the people involved, I genuinely do and wish no harm to anybody, remember love is unconditional (without judgement).

After reading this you are welcome to un friend me if it makes you feel uncomfortable, I still love you and do not suffer from ego any more.

If you want to know more or have friends who could benefit from this kind of stuff then contact me I rarely turn down friend requests but if I feel that somebody is working from a low energy and trying to disrupt things then I will block them.


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